Le Sigh.

Yesterday and today have been hard. And I am tired.

Sometimes I feel like I have come so far in conquering all the madness that goes on inside my head. Like it’s all just fallen in to place. And then something happens, or I’m tired or ill (this evening, I am both – yuk) and the façade just crumbles.  Continue reading


The Hard One

I am bubbling over with ideas and things that I want to say in this blog today, but I keep hearing from God the push to be honest. Completely honest. And for me, that means telling you about the deepest, darkest place that I ended up in. About the time when I wanted to die. Then, I guess, everything else about this blog with hopefully make more sense.

I’m going to try and start at the beginning Continue reading


It is very amusing to come back to a blog that you started over a year ago and see that in your last post, you had expected to “miss a few days” here and there… I think I’ve missed around 400days so far!

I reread my old posts(all four of them!). I had not realised how brutally honest I had been. And it was very hard – but also very refreshing – to read, especially after feeling recently that honesty is an awfully hard thing to do. Continue reading